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Often times, people think that estate planning is only for the wealthy, but this is simply isn't true.  Everyone needs to plan ahead.  

The best time to plan to preserve your assets, make life easier for your family, and to avoid the possibility of devastating health care costs in retirement is while your healthy.  Organizing and protecting your assets is crucial to your future security, and is one of the most important things you can provide your spouse, your children and yourself.  

Not only is Death is part of life, but unfortunately, so is sickness and incapacity.  Many of us will get sick and lost the ability to make decisions for ourselves before we die.  We can help you put a good estate plan together that includes:

  • Setting up a trust to protect your estate or assets.

  • Creating a legal Last-Will-and-Testament

  • Creating Comprehensive Power of Attorney

  • Creating a Living Will and Health Care Directive

  • Outlining how to manage and distribute estate assets

  • Avoiding probate and its associated cost and headache

A proper estate plan will provide you and your family with Peace of Mind that your Affairs are in Order.


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